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Taking care of your elm tree

A tree is considered to be life because it can bring so many wonders in the world. It can help us build homes. It can also give food. Most of all, it can keep us away from storms and other disasters. One of the most popular trees is the elm tree. The elm tree is one of the big trees that we often see. They are one of the deciduous trees, which means that during the fall season, their green leaves will turn to yellow and will fall off.

Elm trees can be grown in rich, well-drained soil with a bright and full sun. When fully grown, it can be as high as ninety feet. However, the elm trees should be observed about the symptoms of Dutch Elm trees. If this is the case, it needs to regularly pruned and watered.

Taking care of your elm tree

Elm tree should be regularly pruned. Pruning is an activity wherein buds and shrubs shall be removed. If the elm tree is regularly pruned then your elm tree will surely extend its life, and not just that, it will surely grow beautifully. Tree Pruning Melbourne can help in reducing defects, especially on the tree’s structure in Melbourne. It also helps in removing the decayed part of the tree’s body. Fungi will also be removed in order to give a better life to your elm tree. Although there are times that live branches are to be removed because some other parts need sunlight as well, but this rarely happens. The removal of branches also aids in healing of the branches.

Elm trees have problem that may cause trouble. It has damaging diseases and pests that can surely damage the elm trees. One of these disease is the Dutch Elm disease, which is a fungal disease that is spread by the elm bark beetle. This disease is so devastating because it attacks the water conducting system of the tree and will soon lead to the death of the tree. The disease will not be easily seen until a month and the common symptom is flagging that can be seen at the crown of the tree. So how will you know if your tree has been affected? It is when you see red saw dust falling off. The next disease that is surely harmful to your elm tree is the gypsy moth which is like a caterpillar that feeds on the leaves. It defoliates the tree and weakens it, therefore making it more susceptible to other diseases. Lastly, is the Asian Longhorned beetle which damages the bark of the trees. The elm tree will surely be affected because the nutrients are not transported properly.

In summary, the elm tree is one of the deciduous trees that should be taken care of properly. They are beautiful, but once they are affected by diseases they will no longer be as beautiful as they used to be. It is important to continuously monitor your trees and if you need expert advice you can go to a company who can help you with.

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