Efficiently Using the Right Adhesives & Sealants in Construction

One of the more commonly used products in construction are adhesives & sealants. They can be most commonly used not only in the construction of new homes, but in the renovation of one as well. It is to be noted that a myriad of applications can be performed with the use of these products. Among these are counter top lamination, concrete, drywall lamination, manufactured housing, in resilient flooring, and for per-finished panels among others.

Many architectural masterpieces these days are made from actual timbers that are glued together as in the case of many multistory apartment houses. The same is true for many renewable building materials. The adhesive technology present these days has made it possible to build a house in the safest, most sustainable way.

Adhesives & Sealants

Characteristics of Sealants and Adhesives

If you have actually had the chance to buy these products before, you will find that there are certain ways that companies label these products. There are those that specifically label them as construction adhesives since their purposes are more geared towards the construction industry. Being able to characterize these products will help you shop better.

They are often available in various packages. Many of them are available in cans while there are also products that are packed in caulking tubes and in squeeze tubes. They can either be water based or be solvent based.

These products usually tend to have a pasty and thick consistency. Most of the time, a notched trowel or a putty knife is used when applying them on certain surfaces. They have been considered as most effective when filling in imperfections and gaps in various materials. Expect too, that these products will adhere in a wide range of materials used in the building process.

How to Choose the Right One

Choosing the right product to use is very important, Understand that this may be an overwhelming process. It is common for these products to have some functional overlaps among them. Taking note of factors that will allow you to pick those products that will fit your needs will help you choose better.

Note that any manufacturers of these products tend to list down the various uses of the items on the label. If these are products that are to be used for specific purposes only, then usually, the labels will indicate that. For those products that are intended for broader use however, more generic terms are often used to signify that.


Understand that there are adhesives that are only to be use on certain settings too. Some of these items that might work very well when used for indoor applications may not actually function as efficiently when used outdoors. Oftentimes, this may be caused by the exposure to temperature changes and moisture which exterior works are known for.

Do understand that depending on the work that needs to be done, there are materials that will require top quality sealants and adhesives Brisbane in order to be installed right in Brisbane. When in doubt, there are always experts that you can refer to. They should be able to help guide you towards opting for the choice that will work best for you. SBS Direct have a variety of adhesives in Brisbane that are recommended for the bonding of different materials.

Always read the packaging on how the application process should be done. These are specific instructions to ensure that when applying the product, you get the maximum benefits and the best results. Not the drying time listed on the packaging as well. This way, they quill truly adhere to the surface and get you that sleek, quality finish that you are gunning for.

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