Remedies and Symptoms of Diabetic Amyotrophy

What is diabetes and how is diabetic amyotropry develops from it? Diabetes is the collective name of the disorders that pertains to the inability of the body to naturally absorb and use energy from the eaten food. This results to high glucose or sugar levels in the blood which is dangerous to the overall health and could cause death. There are several types of diabetes, but the most common are Types 1 and 2 and the pregnancy diabetes. Diabetes is often manifested in diabetic neuropathies or the dysfunction of damaged nerves.

Diabetic amyotrophy is a type of diabetic neuropathy that starts in the middle part of the body rather than the ends. Most common type of diabetic neuropathies starts at the toes or finger. With diabetic amyotrophy, it is exactly the opposite. The pain that comes with the disorder often strikes the one side of hips, the thigh or the buttocks area first, and then moves to cover the whole area and the extremities. Aside from the intense and sometimes excruciating pain, here are the most common symptoms of the disorder:
1. Intense pain that usually starts one-sided.
2. The patient would also suffer from weakened limbs and muscles.
3. Slight impairment of the sensory functions and possible atrophy in the affected areas.
4. In rare occasion, a cerebrospinal fluid increase might be observed in the spine.
5. Loss or diminished knee reflexes.
As frightful as the symptoms are, diabetes also has no cure. For patients suffering diabetic amyotrophy, they would have no choice but to let the disorder run its course which is usually around six months. And then the recovery and rehabilitation of the damaged limbs can take up to several years. Here are some remedies to lessen the pain:
1. Maintain blood sugar levels.
2. Active lifestyle should be adopted through regular exercises.
3. Type 2 diabetes diet should be observed. Follow timing, amount and the kind of food to eat.
4. Limit drinking of alcoholics and smoking should be stopped.
5. Insulin and other medications should always be taken.
6. Regular physical therapy will help improve damaged limbs and muscles.
7. Care for the mental and emotional well being should be given emphasis.
Unlike the Type 1 diabetes where we hardly have any control, Type 2 diabetes is a result of how we live, excessive, indulgent and abusive to our health and body. The unhealthy, meaty, fatty and the sweet foods that we usually indulge in cause the high sugar, cholesterol and fat build-up in our system. Lack of exercise, smoking and alcoholism plays a major role in nerve damage and piling on pounds and fattening. Obesity is a major cause of diabetes.
The right choices can keep us healthy. Eating the right food, at the right amount will give us the nutrients we need and not the fat lipids. You can get it from Health Food Store Australia. A positive and active outlook to life will also keep us younger longer. Exercising shouldn’t be limited in the gym. Walk and use the stairs when you can. Rest well and stay away from avoidable stress. A glucose tolerance test can help detect flailing insulin levels, take it regularly.


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